Discourse Analysis Conferences (DAC)

Every year the University of Lyon 3 invites foreign stylisticians to give talks at the Discourse Analysis Conferences (DAC).

The 2017 DAC conferences (14-15-16 November) welcome Marina Lambrou (Kingston University London): Discourse.Analysis Conferences 2017

Tuesday 14 November 2017:

10h-12h Introduction to Stylistics: the language of literature

14h-16h Foregrounding grammar and lexis in fiction

Wednesday 15 November 2017:

8h-10h Cohesion and coherence in fact and fiction

10h-12h Figurative language in context

Thursday 17 November 2017:

8h-10h Narrative, narration and point of view in literature

10h-12h Narratives of Trauma: 7/7 and telling the same story twice

The conference venue: Manufacture des Tabacs, 6, cours Albert Thomas, 69355, Lyon.

Contact: Manuel Jobert (manuel.jobert@univ-lyon.fr)